When the Rainbow Loom Fad is Over: A Brainstorm Session at Scary Mommy

Written by Emily

My kids only got 4,234,826 rubber bands this Christmas. If you need me at any point in the next few weeks, I’ll be extracting bands from the playroom carpet, watching youtube tutorials on how to craft a bracelet that looks like Ironman’s silhouette, and checking to make sure my toddler’s pudgy digits haven’t turned blue from stacking colorful bands knuckle to nail.


I’m comforted knowing this is just a passing fad. I’m comforted and also prepared. Come join us at the fabulous ScaryMommy.com to see how Michelle and I are going to put all this Rainbow Loom paraphernalia to good use when the trend is over.

And if you have any ideas of your own, we’d LOVE to hear them! Don’t be shy 😉


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Happy New Year, everyone!

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