Shine Kindly Here Photo Challenge: Week Two Favorites!

Written by Audrey, guest blogger

Happy week two of our Shine Kindly Here photo challenge! Everyone is taking wonderful photos, it was very hard to choose my favorite photos this week.

I narrowed it down to these…

Day 8 – Roots:


Jess (@jessicalynnparisi), I love this photo of your little trees. Happy planting!

Day 9 – Stars and Stripes:


Days at the lake are my favorite. I love your patriotic bathing suit, Rachael (@rachaelwolfe).

Day 10 – Glow:


The glow of an afternoon tea. Beautifully photographed, @amiecuisine!

Day 11 – Buzz:


Caelee (@caelee_lynn), I love your creativity. The cicadas really are in full buzz!

Day 12 – Sweet:


Nothing is sweeter than this photo, @cre8tiverph!

Day 13 – Highlights:


You can’t go wrong with wine, Miss Deery (@imdeery)!

Day 14 – Sprinkles:


Without sprinkles of rain, we wouldn’t have beautiful flowers like the ones photographed in @mindyha’s picture.

Keep the photos coming! Thank you to everyone participating in the Shine Kindly photo challenge!


1 comment for “Shine Kindly Here Photo Challenge: Week Two Favorites!

  1. Catherine Pasierb
    June 15, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Love the varied selection!

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