Puppy Preparations

Written by Amelia

Last week, I introduced you to Una, our new puppy. She’s a freaking adorable fur angel, and I love her to death. Everyone we talk to about her says something along the lines of, “Ohhh, puppies are such great preparation,” to which I initially, innocently replied, “To what?” Silly me. TO BABIES, OBVIOUSLY.

Like I said, she’s awesome, and I love her, but she’s A LOT of work and not a lot of sleep. She requires me to do a lot of things, and everyone knows I don’t like to do things.

So is she great preparation for a baby? Definitely. I’m still preparing to NOT have a baby.

1 comment for “Puppy Preparations

  1. Catherine Pasierb
    March 1, 2013 at 10:39 am

    But you will so enjoy your puppy!

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