Pillow Talk, First Kisses and Mistletoe

“Mom, do you remember your first kiss?” <1 second pause, giggle> “I can’t wait until Christmas!!”  our oldest daughter asked the other night


First kiss?  Christmas?

THIS Christmas?!


So I did what all perceptive, calm mother’s do…I replied, “I definitely remember my first kiss WASN’T during Christmas time in 6th grade!!…”

We giggled-away a bedtime “pillow talk”:  how fun this time of year is, how magical it all looks with sparkling lights.  We took a sharp right turn at “first kisses and butterflies in our stomachs” and meandered back to how everyday stores and houses turn into beautiful confections of silver and gold and red.  And again, giggling and looking up at the bedroom ceiling in the dark, smiling, there came a wistful longing to know what someone special will think of the gift you chose for him and what he may have chosen for her. Ey carumba.

After quite a lot of giggling and good-nighting, I gently closed the door to my daughter’s room and stood out in the hall for a moment, savoring the feeling. I couldn’t help but put a hand to my face to hide my smile as a I raced downstairs to tell my husband.

I almost burst out laughing in a mixture of reminiscence ….and holy-horror…at the conversation that had just transpired up in the sweet teal-colored bedroom with the curly-que, girly mural on the wall.

The sweet innocence of a first “crush” mixed with holiday magic <glitter, hearts, and twinkle lights>.

The “holy-horror” of your daughter’s first crush! <fast forward at the speed of light: first kiss, when Natalee is no longer just Natalee but “Nataleeandherboyfriend”, the dramatic “…but MOM!, I LOVE him!…”>

My husband and I simultaneously agreed;   NO mistletoe in our house this year!

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