Parenting P.E.: The Playbook

Written by Emily, Illustrated by Thaddeus

Parenting P.E.: The Physical Prowess, Emotional Fortitude and Mental Conditioning of Parenting.

The What to Expect series only scratches the surface of parenting trouble-shooting. What parents really need is the playbook, insight into the moves children use to catch parents off guard and throw them for a loop.

While we’re housing wings on game day, no matter the team we’re rooting for, we can’t help but feel a sympathetic twinge when players are schooled out there. It hits a little too close to home because we’ve seen those moves in action in our living rooms and kitchens by kids only half our size.

Maybe if we could just study the film, we might not be so unaware next time…maybe.


This just happened this morning. Or every morning.



With Halloween only days away, I know just where to look if one of my littles goes missing. Maybe I am catching on. It only took three children and 8 years to get there.

Go team!

2 comments for “Parenting P.E.: The Playbook

  1. October 24, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    okay – is it wrong that as a parent I’ve studied the playbook and discovered that a few moves work for me? I mean, there is nothing wrong with hiding it the back of the closet under all of the clothes in order to eat a piece of chocolate without sharing with all of the grubby hands that find their way to you, right? Right? Please tell me I’m right and that it’s not wrong to hide from the kids in order to have your own piece of chocolate. I’m not psychotic am I? I mean, come on -it’s chocolate!

    • October 24, 2013 at 2:28 pm

      Kate, I’ve been known to take little ice cream runs without the kids. Don’t tell them 😉 So, yes! You can absolutely the chocolate for yourself!

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