Morning Rituals

Written by Michelle

I set the alarm clock early this morning. Most times I do it out of habit.

Although I’ve perfected the art of snoozing, today my mind was racing as the sun came out. No alarm needed, memories were flooding my head all night.

Ten years ago this same morning, it was the butterflies. The relentless little flutters inside my being that woke up this very heavy sleeper. Although I had set my alarm, there was no ten-time snoozing ritual. I shot out of bed and very quietly tiptoed out of my room.

At the young, but very-adult age of twenty six, I did something that perhaps still surprises me.

I welcomed the butterflies, massaged my cheeks in anticipation for all the smiling and quietly tiptoed over to my parents’ room.

Both fast asleep, I nestled myself between them in their bed. I will never forget my mother’s smile and surprise as she welcomed my snuggle and warmly looked at me. It still makes me tear up.

She said to my father in a half asleep, yet elated state; “Ivan es la nena” Ivan, it’s our girl. They both embraced me and not much needed to be said.


That is how I started my wedding day ten years ago on this very same day.

Unprepared and unrehearsed that moment continues to mark a very special moment. Somewhere in that bed, snuggle and embrace I said goodbye to being a young girl and transitioned to being a wife, mother and friend.

As I take on my day today I wish for you and those I love the same.

May your mornings be filled with alarm snoozes. The kind that let you rest and take on a full day.

May your bed be filled with those you love to embrace. Those who are human or even our four-legged friends.

May every single sunrise be filled with butterflies that awake you and make you smile to the point you need to massage your cheeks all day.




2 comments for “Morning Rituals

  1. Catherine Pasierb
    July 27, 2013 at 9:56 am

    This lovely remembrance put a lump in my throat. Congratulations on creating a marriage that surely makes your parents proud!

  2. Madrinita
    July 29, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Qué hermoso recuerdo de un bello momento! Cuando las lágrimas pasean por las mejillas y surge una sonrisa, se llena el alma de felicidad y celebración. Gracias por compartirlo.

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