If Kids Were Really in Love: 7 Valentine Cards

I’ve been pinning DIY Valentine ideas for weeks because I like nothing more than tying, gluing, sticking, cutting, and picking glitter from my teeth the night before class parties. My kids love when I lean over their shoulders in crafting desperation all in the name of love, too. So wins all around.

While I secured tags that read “EEK, It’s Valentine’s Day” to plastic “love” bugs and gemstone rings from the Dollar Tree to heart doilies that read “You’re a real gem!”, I thought about Valentine messages that would really declare a kid’s devotion:



Honesty is the best policy, right? There’s not an elementary schooler around who would begrudge anyone that truthy Valentine.

Or what about this…


Note: Prospective Valentine, I don’t know how many soapless showers my son took before he asked, “Do I need to actually wash?”





My 3yo sang “Let it Go” at least 215 times yesterday, so that’s a boatload of love.






On second thought, I’d probably have to intervene if peligros de la pastilla viagra my kids gave these Valentines to their classmates. I’m not comfortable with them showing that much love to anyone…even me.

“EEK! It’s Valentine’s Day!” and “You’re a real gem!” it is!



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  1. February 12, 2015 at 9:33 am

    LOL, it’s funny because it’s so TRUE!!!

    Last night Mr. T was running late, he’s normally home from work by 10:30, and it was almost 11 and he called “I’m on my way, things ran late, but if you’re up I’ve got some stuff to show you”

    He came in with his arms overflowing… and giant 3′ Valentine card, and huge 4′ stuffed frog, a small stuffed panda holding a big bag of chocolates, a heart shaped box of chocolates, and a box of “I <3 U" chocolates.

    Apparently he swung through Walmart after work and loaded up – his girlfriend is now set for Valentines day! 🙂

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