It’s Elementary

Written by Rose

Our oldest daughter finished 5th grade this past June.  In our school district that means one thing….next year it’s off to middle school!
Middle school.  How did our daughter get suddenly old enough to enter middle school?
Middle school.  Such tender memories and such growing years.
Middle school. Inside my head is the mix of anticipation and happiness I know she’ll feel experiencing her first locker and combination lock, moving from classroom to classroom with the signal of a bell, giggling with her friends in between classes & middle school activities, her first school dance, her first crush, her first…
and then it happens…. that black cloud of the “things I hear go on in middle school stairwells and locker rooms” pops onto my sunny horizon.  I can’t believe our first baby girl is hitting middle school. There are still 19 days until middle school.
So strange.  Years ago, I can recall counting down the days until I started middle school.  Now, as a Mom I’m counting up the days until our daughter does the same.
Middle school.

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