First Thirty One 2014 Photo Challenge: Week Three Favorites

Compiled and Written by Audrey Zimmerman

It’s the third week of photo challenging and the photos just keep getting better! Here are this week’s picks:

Day 17 – Warmth:


This. Looks. Amazing. Awesome photo, Mallory! (@lorylang)

Day 18 – Vintage:


I love El’s (@elnoz) vintage sifter that she used to make homemade donuts on a cold winter day.

Day 19 – Glow:


Morning glow. So pretty, @mamaklu5!

Day 20 – Whiskers:


Love this photo, @ashleylpark!

Day 21 – Family:

1546247_768968199799082_897447980_nThis is an awesome old photo of Katie’s (@katieshpa) grandmother.

Day 22 – Sweet:


Sweet border, Caelee! (@caelee_lynn)

Day 23 – Crisp:


Rachael (@rachaelwolfe) took an awesome photo of Old Main on a cold, crisp night. Such a pretty shot of Kutztown University!

Keep them coming and stay inspired, folks!


Check out week one and week two!

1 comment for “First Thirty One 2014 Photo Challenge: Week Three Favorites

  1. January 24, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Okay, I think week three has been the best week yet!

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