A Cyber Monday Deal and A Good Story: Zimmerman Shoes

I love a good story.

So on Cyber Monday I wanted to share Zimmerman Shoes, a children’s shoe company and a fabulous story. Amelia and Audrey Zimmerman, the founders of this new branch of children’s shoes, are crafting the next chapter in a multigenerational story that has been edited, revised and rewritten without losing sight of the 1888 heritage first written by their great grandfather.

The story is what I love about Zimmerman Shoes…in addition to the shoes, and the family, and well, everything.


Those of you who remember when Girl, Always Interrupted was Fourtuitous will remember Amelia–my former colleague and the vintage fashion maven who owns NewOldFashionVintage. She and her sister, Audrey, created Zimmerman Shoes as an extension of their great grandfather’s shoe company, Kepner Scott Shoe Company, established in a quaint Pennsylvania town.

I’ve pawned off my kids on Audrey more times than I’d like to admit because she genuinely loves them (and I genuinely welcome a break). She’s a let’s-walk-in-the-woods-and-listen-and-get-dirty-and-explore kind of person, the exact kind of person you want around your kids, the exact kind of person you want designing their shoes. Those are my girls modeling The 1987 Scalloped Mary Jane and the Milo Boot.

My girls have danced and run and skipped in these shoes.

They’ve scuffed the toes and tripped over the laces. They’ve been kids in these shoes, and they want to wear them with dresses and jeans and leggings or pajamas if it’s that kind of day.

They’re the perfect accessory for your little’s holiday outfit


or first hesitant, wobbly steps


or favorite dance moves.


They’re just the perfect accessory.

It’s not just the Cyber Monday deal on their new line that inspired me to share Zimmerman Shoes. There is so much good here–not just in the shoes, but in the people who ran their fingers over the leather and fitted little feet and tied laces and buckled buckles and reworked designs until they got it right.

My only complaint is that the shoes don’t come in my size. Because that Milo boot…sigh.


Check out Zimmerman Shoes on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. You’ll probably fall in love with the shoes and the family, just like I did.

2 comments for “A Cyber Monday Deal and A Good Story: Zimmerman Shoes

  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?
    December 1, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Love the story and that you shared with us! I put it out there on Twitter, what a great company!

  2. Copy Baker
    January 9, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    I just fell in love with your writing…..! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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