Can You Hear Me Now?

Written by Rose
Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what a big difference listening makes in the lives of others and certainly in my own life.  Truly listening- with ears and eyes. This past Sunday’s sermon at our church was about just that- listening.
It’s a small thing, really, but it requires us to do something we don’t often do- quiet our own thoughts and be still, still enough to really focus on what someone is saying and what they’re not saying.
Contrary to what you might think, listening is not easy and very few of us are good at it. To be a good listener, is to truly hear what someone is trying to speak from their heart, it’s being able to be present without distractions, it’s giving someone permission to take a leap of faith and assuring them you will catch them no matter what, that you are there without judgement, that they are worthy of your time, attention and love.
Are you truly listening?  Are you truly connecting with the hearts of others? or are you mentally gone after the first 5 seconds, for whatever reason?
I think this fast-paced, gotta go, “Can you hear me now?”, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPad “connected” world needs more of us to listen to each other.  This emailed, “text me”, staring-at-a-black-mirror world needs more of us to take notice, to make a connection and to listen.
Just listen.
It matters.
It can tranform someone’s life.

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