And on the Twelfth Day…

Written by Rose

And so it came to pass that there was darkness and cold throughout the land and the people were frustrated and so afraid (especially without their security systems).  Their grocery stores lie plundered.  Their high-performance chariots queued at gas stations.  There was an abundance of board games, conversation and early bed times.   And lo, on the twelfth day a joyous- I said, JOYOUS!- cry rang out across the countryside… I’ve got the power!

<<Source:  YouTube,  Jim Carrey from Bruce Almighty; I’ve Got The Power>>

Quick recap:

1:  trees that landed on our house.

10:  seconds of practice it takes before you too can wield a chain saw!

25:  number of times I silently scolded myself for ever complaining about Los Angeles earth quakes!

50: the degree-difference between a warm shower and the air immediately outside the shower!

75:  minimum number of things children remember they actually CAN do for fun without electronics!

100:  number of Mr. Coffee-emergency-back-up designs (all patents pending) I’ve “invented”!

Infinite:  the thanks we owe to our good friends, the Jaegers, for generously welcoming the four of us into their generator-powered home for two weeks.


Twelve long days.  11 cold nights. Hurricane Sandy was like nothing I have ever known.  The aftermath and devastation of the sustained 70mph-or-more winds, which happened to also arrive at high tide, looks like a war zone.

I want to take a serious moment to remind everyone who is perhaps not in the New York metro area that Queens, Staten Island and Long Island, NY not to mention most of the New Jersey coast was very hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy and thousands are still without power now more than two weeks after the storm.  The photos above, taken only a day or two ago, offer a glimpse at how much damage has been done and still remains. Please help at Red Cross Hurricane Sandy.

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