Amazingness in the Works

Written by Michelle

True confession: I’m a secret people watcher.

I love to study, analyze and wonder how perfect strangers lead their lives. What happens behind closed doors, their conversations, their ins and their outs. Call it nosey; I call it “ extremely curious.”

Truly, I’m mostly intrigued by people in relationships. What brought them together and perhaps what keeps them from not being apart.

When I’m at a restaurant, I look around the room and “couples watch”. I wonder if people sitting together are married, mingling or maybe dating. I peek at smiles and analyze exchanges. From body contact to proximity, I think that human beings and their attractions are fascinating. I especially love seeing people who just fit, how life fuses individuals together.

My favorite part: “amazingness” in the works.

Perhaps you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you have even witnessed it. It’s that couple you have a hard time looking away from: the smile in their eyes, the energy they radiate. Friendship is their back bone and sincere trust, faith and love binds their relationship.

They’re not necessarily the couple that oozes young hormones and enamored eyes. To me, they’re the couple that, regardless of their age, feels comfortable with each other and simply loves every second together.

No words are necessary. There is an ease, an aura of simple and true comfort.

This past weekend I caught a glimpse of “amazingness” when it surfaced at my dining room table. They were not perfect strangers to me, instead one of my most dear and loved friends and his fiancee.

After hours of talking, laughing and catching up, our guest stood up and excused herself to leave the room. My friend patiently waited for her to stand, courteously pointed her in the right direction and waited. As he stood and guarded her exit with his eyes, he looked at me with the deepest smile, the most radiating grin and the proudest chest filled with love and admiration.

In the most enthusiastic tone and true to his feelings he asked,

“Isn’t she AMAZING?”

With a deep sense of happiness for my friend and his love, I answered,

“Yes, THAT she is”.


Amazingness lives.

It’s not extinct.

It’s refreshing to watch, inspiring to have and more fantastic to witness first-hand.

It grows every day and in every way.

From couples to individuals, I value and admire those who find true comfort and ease within themselves and with each other. And I’m in awe of people who grow with others to make “amazingness” their everyday.



M &J- Wishing you the best and the most amazing blessings to both of you. May today bring you happiness and everyday here after the amazingness you exude to others.

2 comments for “Amazingness in the Works

  1. Patsy
    July 19, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully written.

  2. July 22, 2013 at 8:08 am

    My husband and I sometimes act out other tables’ conversations. A great improv exercise 😉

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