30 Day Challenge – Week 2

Written by Amelia

Friends, the 30 day challenge is in full swing! I have to say, I’ve been enjoying it much more than I expected especially since we’re getting lots of participation on the Facebook page. It’s not too late to join the fun. Here’s my original post about the challenge, and you can check out my photos from week one to get some ideas. I present my recap of week two:


Day 7- Something Funny: This photo is from Buzzfeed’s “27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually The Worst.” I know lots of people with funny, sweet, charming kids, but the idea of having my own doesn’t really sound very appealing. See 1-27. So glad it’s just me and my man right now!

Day 8- Favorite Color: It doesn’t matter where you stand in my house. If you look around, you’ll easily be able to spot at least 6 items in this color. I am just always drawn to it, and would be happy to live in a room like this.

Day 9- Inspiring Person: This is my mom, and she’s got so much positive energy. Not only is she an incredible wife and mother, but she was a special ed teacher for 35 years, and she has always volunteered lots of her time to our church and local charities. On top of that, she operates two small business endeavors, one dealing in vintage and antique decor and the other creating hand-knit accessories. I can only hope to have her positive energy one day.

Day 10- Nature: Pretty things in nature are easy to appreciate, but sometimes you gotta give some love to the ugly, warty gourds out there. The cold, dark days of winter aren’t my favorite. There aren’t many vibrant colors to look at, and things start to get really stark. Sure, you have the occasional pretty snow, but winter can get pretty gross. This ugly gourd is my reminder to find something to appreciate in the dead of winter.

Day 11- Something Old: My wedding band was made in the 1920s. It originally served as a wedding band to my mom’s great aunt Cordelia, who was like a grandmother to my mom. Sadly, her marriage only lasted nine years before her husband died. In 50 years, she never remarried and never stopped wearing her wedding band. When my parents got married, Cordie gave the ring to my mom, and my mom wore it as her wedding band for 36 years. I’ve always loved it, and my mom always told me I could have it when I got married. It makes me really happy to wear something that has been a symbol of love and loyalty for almost 100 years.

Day 12- Hands: This is a picture of my dad working on a pattern for a new leather bag. He’s used his hands to work with leather and keep our small family shoe company alive. Over the summer, he and I worked on making some leather bags, but I’ve had to put that project aside until we’re moved and settled in the new house. My dad has an incredible amount of knowledge and determination; I’m pretty sure he could make anything. I’m so grateful for him, and I can’t wait to get back to learning from him.

Day 13- Written Words: I have a huge stack of letters that my grandfather wrote to his sister and mother during WWII.  This one is dated August 5, 1945 from “Somewhere in the Pacific.” He asks how his younger brother Bud is doing with the Chevy, and he realizes it will soon be time for his younger siblings to go back to school. He writes, “I wish I was going back myself instead of being here.” It breaks my heart. I can’t even fathom the sacrifice he and all other military personnel made and continue to make for our country.


I’ll admit, I’ve started to get a little emotional over a few of these photos and captions. Several shared on Facebook have also gotten me a little misty. By the end of the month, I may just be a complete whimpering grateful mess. On to week 3!

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